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What Jewelry Can You Sell With Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry?

You may have heard or read on our website that we are professional diamond buyers right here in Chesapeake. It's true; we're always a great potential buyer for diamond jewelry. We buy other things, too. If you're wondering what jewelry you can sell to Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, the answer is pretty much all of it. If you're not sure, bring your items in to your local pawn shop and jewelry store, and we'll be happy to take a look at them. We offer a great deal on all types of jewelry!

Selling Jewelry

Sell Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and Bridal Sets

We're always in the business of buying and selling engagement rings of all different types. Princess cut and round cut diamond engagement rings are some of the most popular rings that we buy and sell, but of course, we deal with all other diamond shapes and ring styles, too. Around here, natural diamonds are the star, since many of our customers prefer a natural diamond engagement ring. However, if you have an engagement ring with an alternative stone, that's okay, too! We appreciate the beauty and unique style of an emerald or ruby engagement ring! We buy wedding rings and wedding bands of all types here, too. Are you hoping to sell your entire bridal set at one time? We can help with that as well. Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry isn't just the best place to buy pre-owned engagement rings and wedding bands; it's the perfect place to sell them, too.

We Buy Designer Jewelry and Luxury Timepieces

If you're in the know about all of the jewelry trends, you likely know that some designer brands are wildly popular. As you can probably imagine, we always have customers coming in, looking for designer pieces for less than they'd pay at the mall. That's the kind of thing we specialize in, and to keep these designer pieces in stock for our customers, we must first purchase them from customers like you. If you want to get paid the most money for designer jewelry that might not be your style or that you're ready to swap out for something different, we offer the clear solution. This is true from the most popular designer brands to the more obscure luxury brands. Luxury watches are a status symbol, too, and they're also something we buy and sell here regularly. In-the-know customers from around Hampton Roads know to come to us for Rolex watches, as well as other fine watches. If you'd actually like to sell a luxury watch that you just don't wear anymore, we'll make it worth your while. Use us as your local jewelry store, and get paid more for your unwanted luxury watch.

Sell Your Diamonds

Sell Loose Diamonds and Loose Stones Here

Diamonds certainly don't have to be set in a piece of jewelry in order to be valuable! They have plenty of value on their own. We're always interested in buying loose diamonds, since there are so many uses for them. They can be set in a custom piece of jewelry, used to upgrade a modest piece, or used to repair someone's jewelry that is missing a stone. When we buy loose diamonds, we have a great opportunity to carefully look at the value of the diamond. We can determine its carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. The entire process of valuing your diamonds doesn't take long, and it allows us to determine the resale value and make you an offer. Diamonds are not the only loose stones that we buy, either. Sell other loose stones here, from rubies to emeralds and beyond.

Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings!

We don't just buy engagement rings; we're interested in all of your unwanted rings. Do you have a few diamond bracelets or a set of diamond earrings that you would like to sell for cold, hard cash? We pay top diamond prices for diamond jewelry of all types. Just gather up your unwanted jewelry and bring it to your local jeweler. It's the best way to get paid competitive prices for jewelry that you likely don't even wear anymore anyway!

​Get Paid Top Dollar for Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Some customers come in with estate jewelry that has been around for many years. We're always interested in antique and vintage jewelry from another time period. Whether you purchased the antique jewelry from an estate sale, inherited it from a loved one, or purchased it yourself many years ago, we'd love to pay you the fair value for it. Some older jewelry has a very high market value nowadays, since there are many consumers who are interested in legitimate vintage or antique jewelry, rather than just pieces that were inspired by an earlier time. We'll make you a great final offer for these old pieces, right here in our retail shop. There's no reason to bother with an estate sale, online auction, or online marketplace! As you can see, the bottom line is that as your local reputable diamond buyer and jewelry buyer, we buy all sorts of items of value. Are you ready to put more than a little money in your pocket, today? Raid your jewelry box for the items you don't want anymore. Our jewelry and diamond experts will make you a good offer on any and all unwanted diamond jewelry, as well as precious metals and loose diamonds. Walk into our family-owned business with unwanted jewelry and walk out with cash in your pocket -- it couldn't be easier.

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