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We Help With Ring Re-Sizing, Cleaning & Jewelry Repair on Engagement Rings

Engagement rings need proper care so they will remain beautiful. You might need a little bit of professional help with keeping your fine jewelry in great shape. Luckily, we provide jewelry repair and cleaning services for your bridal set, right here in Chesapeake, Virginia. Not only can you come to us to get a great deal on high quality and unique engagement rings that suit your personal style, but you can come to us for other services, too. We offer jewelry repair and more for a great price point, so come see our diamond experts and jewelry repair professionals.

​Ring Re-Sizing in Chesapeake | Greenbrier Pawn

It is important for your perfect diamond ring to fit perfectly. If it's too loose, it will move around on your finger, which can be annoying and can make it hard for you to show off your diamond. Additionally, if it's too big, it can be more prone to falling off of your finger...and the last thing you want is to lose your wedding jewelry! If it's too tight, it can be uncomfortable and unflattering, and it can even impact circulation in your finger and hand.

There is truly no reason to consider wearing diamond engagement rings that don't fit properly, no matter the ring style! Come see us, and let us determine your ring size. Then, we will help with professional ring re-sizing to ensure your ring fits beautifully.

Diamond bridal set in a red jewelry gift box

​Professional Cleaning for Engagement Rings | Fast & Affordable

Proper cleaning of your engagement ring will help you keep the precious metals, natural diamond, and any accompanying colorful gemstones looking their best. After all, you want your ring to sparkle and shine! At-home cleaning is a good idea, but if you want to make sure your ring looks its best, taking it in for a professional cleaning is a good idea from time to time. At Greenbrier Pawn, we clean white gold engagement rings, platinum engagement rings, yellow gold engagement rings, and rose gold rings. In addition to cleaning your diamond rings, we will also clean your gold wedding ring or any other fine jewelry. We will take extraordinary care when cleaning your jewelry to make sure it looks its best, all without causing any damage.

Jewelry Repair for Engagement Rings in Chesapeake, Virginia

Perhaps your ring setting needs some repairs. Over time, rings might need prong re-tipping, or loose stones might need to be tightened up. If you're looking for one of the best places to have your beautiful diamond ring repaired, we can help! You don't even need an in-store appointment...just stop by with your jewelry, and we'll take a look at it. We perform all jewelry repairs in-house, and we do our best to do quick work for a fair price. Let us help you get your engagement ring back in excellent condition!

Buy an Engagement Ring for a Great Price in Chesapeake

​Maybe you don't have a ring ready for the big question. Don't worry...we will help you find the perfect ring for this special milestone and your unique love story. Whether you're looking for popular rings like solitaire engagement rings, an alternative ring design, or even promise rings are all available here for a great price. We offer beautiful rings at a variety of prices, so come save money on your ring so you're ready for your big day!

We offer affordable jewelry repair, and we offer fast and affordable service while always doing great work. If you're looking for just one more good reason to come see us for jewelry repair, consider the fact that we have been a well-known and reputable jewelry store in the Chesapeake community for decades now. Others in Hampton Roads know we're the go-to for anything related to fine jewelry, and we think you'll enjoy your experience with us, too.

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