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Sell Jewelry of All Different Types to Your Local Jewelry Buyer | Greenbrier Pawn

When you work with a jewelry buyer, it's smart to look for the buyer who will pay you the best prices. After all, no matter what type of fine jewelry you're selling -- from antique jewelry to modern diamond jewelry and much more -- who you sell to can make a big difference in how much you get paid. If you're looking for the best place to sell jewelry of all different types, choose Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake as your jewelry and gold buyer. We are known as one of the best pawn and jewelry stores out there, and we buy jewelry in all different forms. We also buy precious metals and loose diamonds, too. Come see us for professional service and a great deal. We always pay the highest prices!

Gold gemstone ring

Greenbrier Pawn Will Buy Your Jewelry...Of All Types!

It doesn't matter what type of jewelry pieces you're looking to sell...we'd love to take a look at them. We offer top dollar for jewelry of all different types. Silver jewelry, gold jewelry, designer jewelry, platinum jewelry...we offer a fair price for all of it. Whether you have a diamond ring, diamond studs, or some other piece of jewelry, we have years experience buying similar pieces, and we want to make you a great offer and help you have a great experience during the selling process.

Did you know that we even offer the best value for broken or damaged jewelry? We pay higher prices for broken jewelry than the average gold buyer, since we look at things like whether or not your jewelry items can be repaired, whether there are diamonds or precious stones set in the piece that are valuable, and more. As your local estate jewelry buyers, we would look to look at your jewelry in any condition. We make cash offers on the spot!

Get Paid More for Your Jewelry at Our Pawn & Jewelry Store

If you're selling jewelry in the Hampton Roads area and want to get paid more, selling to the right buyer makes a big difference. Get the highest cash value for one individual piece or a large collection at our full service jewelry store and pawn shop. We offer knowledgeable service and have years of experience with jewelry and gold buying, so we actually know how much your perfect piece of jewelry is worth. Always choose Greenbrier Pawn as your Hampton Roads diamond buyer, whether you're selling diamond engagement rings, other fine bridal jewelry, gold chains, or any other jewelry. We won't disappoint you with our offer. There's a reason why so many locals see our shop as one of the best places to sell jewelry for a great price. Plus, we pay in cash right then, so you won't have to wait to get paid.

Jewelry Buyer & Gold Buyer: Sell Us Your Precious Metals & More

Not only do we offer the best price on jewelry, but we pay more than some of the online gold buyers and gold stores when it comes to precious metals in general. Bring us your unwanted gold, silver, and platinum, and we'll make you an offer. We buy scrap gold, silver coins, gold coins, and much more for their true value. Bring all of your unwanted precious metals and jewelry to the premier jeweler and gold buyer in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn!

The entire process of selling diamond and gold jewelry is super easy when you choose Greenbrier Pawn as your go-to gold and diamond buyers. We pay great prices and offer an immediate payment. Plus, you'll always get the great customer service that you deserve when you choose us. We've been in the pawn and jewelry industry since the 1990s, and we've worked hard to build a good reputation and inviting atmosphere. Come see us to sell your jewelry today!

Greenbrier Pawn

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