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Sell Broken or Damaged Jewelry to Your Local Jewelry Buyer in Chesapeake

When selling to a jewelry buyer, you might assume that your fine jewelry has to be in good condition. Of course, in many cases, a perfect piece of jewelry is going to be easier to sell and is going to be worth more, but this doesn't mean that your item isn't worth something. In fact, you may find that your old gold and silver jewelry is worth more than you thought! If you are looking for a superior pawn shop that will pay you in cash for jewelry and precious metals, and if you're located in the Hampton Roads area, come to Greenbrier Pawn. We've been here for decades, and we'd love to buy your unwanted pieces.

Who Buys Broken or Damaged Jewelry in Chesapeake?

Many people worry that pawn shops and jewelry stores will not buy jewelry if it's not in good condition. However, even scrap gold jewelry does have value. At least, this is the case if you sell to the right buyer. If you have a large collection of jewelry that you want to sell, there's a chance that at least a couple of the pieces are in need of jewelry repair. That's no problem! We buy broken and damaged gold and platinum jewelry, as well as loose diamonds and valuable gemstones. We even buy other precious metals, including scrap gold, dental gold, gold coins, and so on. Greenbrier Pawn is one of the best places to sell these unwanted items, so use us as your Hampton Roads diamond buyer and gold buyer!

Why is Damaged Jewelry Still Valuable?

​You've probably noticed that we focus on selling high-quality, beautiful jewelry pieces for great prices at our pawn and jewelry store. We have everything from fine bridal jewelry to flawless designer jewelry, and Hampton Roads customers know that we are one of the best pawn stores in the jewelry industry.

So, you might be wondering...why would we be willing to buy unwanted gold jewelry that's broken or damaged?

Well, there are a few reasons for this. For one thing, we perform jewelry repair in-house. It's possible that your piece can be repaired and restored so that it's sell-ready condition. In some cases, we will pay sizable amounts for designer pieces and other potentially valuable jewelry items, all with the intention of repairing these pieces and reselling them.

There's also the fact that a piece of jewelry is sometimes worth the sum of its parts. Maybe it's not really worth repairing, but if it's made from gold or platinum and has one or more diamonds or valuable gemstones, we can separate the two. We'll make you an offer based on the melt value of the precious metals and the value of the precious stones. This is a good way to get paid what you deserve for estate jewelry that isn't in good condition.

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How Much Will I Get for My Damaged Jewelry With Greenbrier Pawn as My Jewelry Buyer?

Are you wondering just how much you will get for your damaged jewelry at Greenbrier Pawn? Walk into our inviting atmosphere here at our Chesapeake location, and we'll let you know. Whether you have antique jewelry or a newer piece that got damaged somehow, you can get the best prices at the best place to sell jewelry...Greenbrier Pawn. We will take a few minutes to look over your piece to determine its value; the entire process usually only takes a few minutes, and you can enjoy professional service each step of the way. We'll make you a no-obligation offer on the spot. If you decide you want to use us as your gold and diamond buyers, we'll give you a top dollar immediate payment, on the spot. Jewelry buying is what we do here, and you'll soon see why many consider us the best jewelry buyers in Hampton Roads!

If you are looking for a premier jeweler that offers friendly and knowledgeable service and that offers the highest cash value -- even for a less than perfect engagement ring or a piece of jewelry that needs repair -- then you should visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop. We are a full service jewelry store, and we have years experience here in the Chesapeake area. We understand the true value of jewelry that might not be in its original condition anymore, and we'd love to make you an offer on gold and diamond jewelry of all different types. Sell your old gold jewelry today to your local estate jewelry buyers, and you won't regret it! We are your local industry experts.

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