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Local Jewelry Stores That Buy Diamonds Near Me

Stores that buy jewelry in Chesapeake, such as Greenbrier Pawn, will often buy your diamond jewelry. Of course, not all jewelry stores present the best option for selling a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, and some won't buy jewelry at all. If you have been searching for local jewelry stores that buy diamonds near me, the best place to go is Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, Hampton Roads' premier pawn shop and jewelry store. As diamond buyers, we pay the best price for a diamond engagement ring, loose diamonds, and more. Come see us if you're ready to make a deal!

We buy diamonds

What Can You Sell to Local Jewelry Stores That Buy Diamonds?

We like to deal in all different types of jewelry. Customers come to us for everything from engagement rings & wedding rings to gifts, fine watches, and so much more. Because of that, we're always in the market to buy different things. After all, our customers all have different tastes, so we like to keep a varied inventory to keep up with customer satisfaction, which is the most important thing to us here.

When you use us as your local jeweler and jewelry buyer, you can sell basically any diamond or diamond jewelry that you have. These are just some of the diamonds that we pay competitive prices for:

  • Diamond wedding bands

  • Diamond bracelets

  • Diamond earrings

  • Vintage or antique jewelry

  • Designer pieces

As a jewelry store with decades of experience in the business, we appreciate the sparkle and dazzle of a diamond. Of course, we buy other high quality items of value, too. Luxury watches, precious metals, and other items of value can be bought and sold here, too. Bring us your luxury timepieces and other unwanted items from your jewelry box, and we'll offer you a fair price for each item, on the spot.

Local Jewelry Stores That Buy Diamond Rings: Greenbrier Pawn

​Even though we deal with lots of different types of jewelry, diamond rings are very popular here. People from around Chesapeake have learned that we're the best place to go to buy pretty much any piece of jewelry, including something as important as an engagement ring. Diamond rings can be very expensive, but buyers can stretch their budgets and get a much nicer ring for their money by shopping here.

Of course, for us to stay competitive in the pre-owned jewelry industry, we have to source diamond rings. We do that by paying the highest prices to individuals like you who want to sell a diamond ring. Sell your round cut engagement ring, princess cut engagement ring, and more. We buy solitaires, engagement rings with halo settings, and so much more. Get a good offer on your engagement ring while working with a trusted family business, and we won't let you down!

Sell your diamond ring

How Much Will I Get for My Diamond?

Are you curious about diamond prices? Resale value for diamonds and diamond jewelry varies. We have an entire process that we use to determine the value of a diamond. We'll look at each diamond or valuable gemstone separately to assess its value; we look at the stone's color, cut, clarity, and carat weight during this part of the process. Of course, we'll also look at your diamond jewelry as a whole...what condition is it in? Is it from a popular designer? Is it an in-demand piece, or is it a rare piece of antique or vintage jewelry? All of these things will impact the competitive offer that we make you here at our family-owned business, but rest assured, we are the reputable diamond buyer that will pay you what you deserve and give you a great experience.

Finding the right diamond dealer to sell fine jewelry and loose diamonds to can be a hassle. You might not have even realized that your local pawn shop is the answer! Here, though, we are a diamond specialist, and we buy and sell diamonds and diamond jewelry on a daily basis. Bring your jewelry piece to the local jewelry store with years of experience and a reputation for paying the most money: Greenbrier Pawn.

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