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Is it Better to Sell or Pawn to a Pawn Shop? | Chesapeake

Your local pawn shop is a great place to visit if you're low on cash. Whether you're looking for a few bucks to get by until payday, or if you need a much larger sum of money to handle an emergency or expense, a premier pawn shop like Greenbrier Pawn can help. If you're low on money despite your best efforts, you don't have to stress. You can either sell your unwanted items or take out one of our pawn loans. Then, you can get the money that you need for your personal needs. If you're wondering which option you should go with at your local store, Greenbrier Pawn, we're happy to help you make the right decision.

Cash loans on gold and diamond and jewelry

What Can You Sell or Pawn at a Pawn Shop?

Different pawn shops will buy or make loans on different things. Generally, you can sell or pawn a variety of different items of value. For example, here at Greenbrier Pawn, these are some of the pre-owned items you can get great prices for:

● Engagement rings ● Wedding rings ● Diamond jewelry ● Musical instruments ● Estate jewelry ● Laptops ● Tablets ● Unwanted gold ● Gold jewelry ● Sporting goods ● Silver ● Precious metals ● Electronics/tech equipment ● Video games/game systems ● Firearms ● Power tools

Of course, you can sell or get a pawnshop loan on more than just these items. It never hurts to ask, so bring any and all of your high-value items for us to assess today. The more you bring, the more extra cash you can walk out with!

Will I Get Paid More for Pawning or Selling?

If getting as much money as possible is the primary thing you're worried about right now, you may be wondering which option will pay out the most. The truth is that at Hilltop Pawn, it doesn't really make a difference. You'll get the same amount either way! You'll need to consider other factors, like whether you want to get your items back and whether you’re capable of repaying the loan, so you can decide whether to pawn or sell. As for how much you'll be able to borrow or get for your sold items, it depends. The first step is for us to perform a visual inspection. Our in-store experts will take this time to determine the value of the stuff you bring in and to make you an offer, whether you're selling or hoping to take out a typical pawn loan.

When to Sell to a Pawn Shop

You may be de-cluttering your home, and you might have come across some items that you simply don't want anymore. Yet, you probably don't want to just throw or give away musical instruments, video game consoles, power tools, or other items of value that your family doesn't use or want anymore. You might also be worried about the hassle of hosting a garage sale or looking for individual buyers. There's no reason to hang on to unwanted items, nor is there a reason to go without much-needed cash. You don't even have to waste your time looking for a buyer! Luckily, you can get a great deal for unwanted items when you visit your local pawn shop. The process of selling your items takes minutes. Our knowledgeable staff will make you an offer based on the item's value, and you'll enjoy good customer service along the way. We like to have a large variety of merchandise items of all kinds in stock, so we pay cash for many items of value.

pawn or sell to a pawn shop

Pawn Loan: A Short-Term Loan Option

If you're looking for an alternative to selling your valuable items, the collateral loans offered at pawn shops might be perfect for you. It's a great way to get money without permanently getting rid of items that you would prefer to keep. Just as we buy a large selection of products, we accept many different items of value as collateral for our loans. Our personal loans are very easy to get. Our iconic pawn shop here in Chesapeake makes it easy. After all, we want to offer options for the widest possible audience, so we don't require applications or credit checks. With our pawnshop loans, just bringing your collateral and ID means you are approved to borrow some quick cash, all without any issues. You could be wondering why you should check out one of our loans instead of payday loans. The truth is that payday loans are predatory. It's easy to find yourself in a cycle of paying huge interest rates and taking out back-to-back loans, even on a small loan. Pawn shops across the United States are regulated by state law. Plus, all of the information about interest and fees will be listed directly on your pawn ticket. There are no secrets and no hidden costs. Get a cash loan from one of our pawn stores -- Greenbrier Pawn, or Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach -- to improve your financial situation, all without paying overly high interest charges.

Tips for Getting a Pawn Shop Loan

If you want to get your item back but want to get some cash today, one of our pawn loans will hopefully suit your financial needs perfectly. Unlike with a bank loan or a loan from most financial institutions, a pawn transaction is actually very fast and easy. Just remember these tips:

● Every pawn broker is required to ask for a photo ID when offering a pawn loan, so make sure you bring your driver's license. ● Visit the right pawn shop for excellent service. Greenbrier Pawn is always the right choice if you're in the Chesapeake area. ● Bringing in items that are in good condition and that are of a higher value will help you get a higher loan amount. The best collateral will help you get the best loan, but luckily, we accept a variety of items! ● The average amount of a pawn shop loan is around $150, but you can borrow much more than that with our collateral-based loans. Since you choose what you bring as collateral, we offer the easy way to borrow more. ● Don't hesitate to take out a loan just because of your credit history or credit report. At our pawn store, poor credit isn't an issue at all. ● Don't worry about not having a bank account. You'll get your money in cash! ● Remember that if you can't repay your loan on or before your due date, it's not a big deal like with the average financial institution. We won't report to the credit bureaus. We'll just keep your item of value, since the value of the item secured your loan. Also, if you need a longer amount of time, just ask. We do offer extensions for small additional fees, so you can still get your family heirloom back.

At Greenbrier Pawn, we buy sell loan. We do it all here -- in fact, we even offer jewelry repair! Whether you want to sell something, take out a pawn loan, get a great deal on one of our great products, or use our other services, we offer the best prices and the best service. We've been in the pawnshop business since 1996, and we're here to help you.

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