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How to Sell Your Rolex Watch for the Best Price | Chesapeake

You're probably more than aware of the high value of your Rolex watch, and if you're thinking about selling it, it's completely understandable that getting the best possible price is your primary concern. If you're curious about how to sell your Rolex watch on the secondary market for a higher price, jewelry and pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn are your best option. As your Hampton Roads Rolex watch experts, we have a strong reputation for paying top dollar for every Rolex reference number and model!

We Buy Rolex Watches

Who Pays More for Rolex Watches in Chesapeake?

Regardless of the serial number or model number of your particular timepiece, Greenbrier Pawn pays the highest value. In our pawn shop and jewelry store, Rolex watches (as well as other luxury timepieces) are in high demand. To keep up with that demand, we buy Rolex watches every day that we're open. Because we've been dealing with Rolex watches since the 1990s, we understand a Rolex's value more than the average person does. Plus, customer satisfaction is our top goal!

The type of Rolex you have doesn't matter; we're still known for paying the most. White gold, yellow gold, and Rolex watches made from other precious metals are valuable here. We'll buy your Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Day-Date, Rolex GMT-Master II, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Sky-Dweller, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, or any other brand name Rolex that you're hoping to sell!

How Can I Get More for My Rolex Watch?

Aside from choosing the best potential buyer for your Rolex timepiece, another thing you can do to get the highest price is gather up your original box and original paperwork, if you have them. Not having these things won't prevent you from selling your watch, but it'll help you get paid more!

Of course, the exact amount you'll get is also primarily based on the specific Rolex watch that you have. We deal with a wide range of Rolex watches here, so we'll make an offer on any luxury timepiece you bring us. If you have one of the most sought-after models, and if it's in excellent condition, your offer will obviously be higher. If your watch is in limited supply, it may be considered even more of a status symbol, and it may be worth more. Of course, we also have to check your watch's authenticity, no matter which brand name or model you bring in. We have a lot of experience with authenticating and valuing a wide assortment of classic and current model Rolex watches, so we'll be able to get you an offer in no time at all!

Sell Your Rolex Watch

What is the Process of Selling a Rolex Watch?

The entire process of selling pre-owned Rolex watches obviously depends on who you're selling your watch to. When you use Greenbrier Pawn as your watch and jewelry buyers, not only will you get paid the most money for both newer and vintage Rolex watches, but you'll enjoy the easiest possible experience, too. That's yet another reason why we're the best place to sell luxury watches!

When you use us as your Rolex buyers, the steps will be very easy. Bring your luxury timepieces to us when you're ready to sell, and we'll help. On the day you bring your used Rolex watch, make sure you bring your government-issued ID so we can make the purchase; it's required by law. Just hand your watch over to one of our in-house Rolex experts, all who have plenty of experience with valuing timepieces from well-known luxury watch brands. After we look at your pre-owned watch and determine how much it's worth, you'll be given a final offer right then. If you accept, you'll simply leave your unwanted Rolex timepieces with us and walk out with cash in your pocket. If you're skeptical that it's that easy to sell watches from luxury brands, visit us! Soon, you'll see why people come to our pawn and jewelry store to sell Rolex models and other luxury items.

If you're looking for someone in the watch industry to purchase your Rolex watch -- whether it was your first watch or a watch that you added to your collection recently -- you can stop your search now. Greenbrier Pawn will buy both older and new Rolex watches! It doesn't take a long time to get an offer and get paid. Join our many satisfied customers, and bring unwanted modern or vintage models to us so you can get paid today! You can also visit us if you want to take out a collateral loan on one of your modern or vintage watches, or you can shop for your own symbol of prestige at a fraction of retail prices here!

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