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How Much is a Diamond Worth?

You might have paid a lot of money for your diamond ring or diamond bracelet, but you might not be sure of just how much your jewelry item is worth on the secondary market. It's common for our customers to ask us just how much a diamond is worth. We know you're looking for answers, and we're happy to help. Greenbrier Pawn is the best place to visit if you want to have your diamond evaluated and if you're ready to sell it for a great price. Come see us in Chesapeake, and find out how much your diamonds are worth today!

We Buy Diamonds

Where Are You Selling Your Diamond?

The first thing that will impact how much you'll be paid for your diamond is who you choose as your diamond and jewelry buyer. There are some jewelry buyers out there who simply try to get away with buying pre-owned diamonds for as cheap as possible, and there are some who don't really understand the value of the diamond they're looking at. It's critical to choose a professional diamond buyer that knows the worth of your jewelry and that is willing to pay you fairly. Luckily, if you live around Chesapeake or elsewhere in Hampton Roads, there's a perfect solution: Greenbrier Pawn. Since we're both a pawn shop and jewelry store, we're always looking to buy large diamonds, small diamonds, and everything in-between. Between our experience in the industry and our interest in buying diamond jewelry, we offer the highest prices. Visit us if you want to make sure you're paid a fair price for your diamond jewelry. Not only will we help you get paid more, but we'll assist you every step of the way. It's truly an easy way to sell your unwanted diamonds while working with a family-owned company!

The Four C's of Diamonds

No matter which professional diamond buyer you sell to, there's a good chance they will consider the 4 C's when making an offer. After all, it's the industry standard for assessing the value of your diamond.

Color - Although there are diamonds of other colors -- including black -- the majority of diamonds are colorless or clear. If you have a colorless diamond, the more clear it is, the more it's worth! Clarity - Naturally, when it comes to the value of your diamond, how flawless it is matters. A more flawless diamond won't have the inclusions and blemishes that a lower-quality diamond has, and the value is different because of it. We will carefully assess the quality of the diamond you bring in. Cut - There are a variety of diamond shapes. Some are more complex or involve more waste than others, making them more valuable. Carat Weight​ - Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. A single carat is 0.2 grams, or approximately the weight of a paperclip. Because diamonds are so valuable, even a diamond that is less than one full carat is often worth quite a lot. The average diamond in an engagement ring is just over one carat, but diamonds come in many sizes. In general, the heavier a diamond is, the more money it is worth.

Of course, even if a diamond is on the smaller side, or even if its color and clarity aren't perfect, this does not mean you can't get a great offer on it. Whether it's an old or new diamond, bring it to us, and we'll be happy to pay you on the spot!

How Much is a Diamond Worth

How is Diamond Jewelry Valued?

When assessing diamond jewelry pieces, we'll start by valuing any diamonds by looking at the diamond characteristics that are listed above. After all, depending on your jewelry, there's a good chance that the diamond is the most expensive part of your diamond estate jewelry, and we recognize that. However, as a diamond jewelry and diamond ring buyer, we know other things can add to your jewelry's value, too. Precious metals, a unique or rare design, or additional gemstones are all things that will help you get paid more for your diamond jewelry.

How Can I Get an Offer on My Diamond Jewelry?

Getting the best offer on your piece of jewelry is easy! Just pick out the pre-owned jewelry that you'd like to get an offer on. Remember, there's no obligation to sell, so grab anything from your jewelry box that you're interested in having us look at. Bring your items and your ID so we can start the appraisal process. Once we've looked everything over, we'll make you the highest offer for all of your unwanted diamonds, such as your diamond engagement ring. If you decide to sell, you'll get an immediate payment! Yes, it's true -- you can sell your diamond jewelry today and get paid today. All payments for diamond jewelry are made in cash! From the diamond evaluation to the payment, the entire business transaction is fast and easy. Your search for the best diamond buyers in Chesapeake is over. Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the answer. We have years of experience buying fine jewelry just like yours, and we'll offer the best price. Plus, with our friendly staff and high standard for customer service, you're sure to enjoy a great experience while you're here. At Greenbrier Pawn, we're your local jeweler, so visit us today, whether it's your first time or if you've been buying and selling with us for years!

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