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How Much is a Cheap Engagement Ring?

Cheap engagement rings in Chesapeake might be what you're looking for, but you could be wondering...just how much money do affordable rings really cost? If you have little to no experience with buying fine jewelry, it's normal to be completely unsure of how much you'll have to spend. You don't have to pay high prices, nor do you have to settle for a lab-created diamond to stick within your budget. Whether you're on the hunt for a halo engagement ring, vintage engagement rings, or any other rings, we have options in your budget. Just how much you spend depends on the ring that you choose.

Where Are You Shopping for a Cheap Engagement Ring?

The big question to ask yourself when shopping for a cheap but beautiful ring is: Where will I go to buy my ring? You might assume that pricing for an engagement ring or bridal set will be similar, no matter where you go. However, where you shop has a lot more of an impact than you think. One highly effective way to get a fair price is by shopping at the right place. Mall jewelry stores are way overpriced on most of their jewelry. You can get nice, unique engagement rings for half the price by shopping at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry here in Chesapeake.

Cheap engagement ring

Diamonds and How They Impact Engagement Ring Pricing

We offer a variety of styles of diamond rings at great price points. Of course, anywhere that you buy a diamond ring, the diamond is going to have a big impact on the cost of the ring. To choose a ring in your price range, it's a good idea to consider the different things that impact diamond pricing. This can help you get an idea of which discount engagement rings to look at when you have such a wide selection, like at our pawn and jewelry store.

Diamond Cut

Many people don't realize it, but the stone shape actually impacts the cost of a diamond. Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamonds in the world, and they're also the most expensive. Some cuts are mid-range in price, like the also popular princess cut diamond. Then, you have diamonds that are quite a bit cheaper, such as emerald-cut diamonds. Each diamond has a different look, and you certainly don't have to choose a round cut diamond in order to buy a stunning ring.


The clarity of a diamond is basically the quality of the diamond. Jewelers look for inclusions and imperfections when assessing a diamond on a clarity scale. Naturally, the more "perfect" a diamond is, the more it's worth.


Diamonds come in different colors, but when looking for cheap diamond rings, a lot of people look for a traditional diamond. You might know this as a white diamond, clear diamond, or colorless. A flawless diamond will be colorless. However, many diamonds actually have a slight yellow tint, even though it's not particularly noticeable to the naked eye. The closer that a diamond is to colorless, the more valuable it is, since a colorless diamond is considered to be of a high quality.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is a pretty easy refers to the size of the diamond. There are certainly cases where a smaller diamond is more expensive than a bigger diamond, simply because of the other factors -- color, clarity, and cut. In general, though, bigger diamonds are typically going to be more expensive than a smaller diamond. Regardless, even bigger diamonds cost less here. Plus, it's absolutely possible to buy a show-stopping ring without a big diamond. There are even little tricks you can consider. With a classic solitaire, the size of your diamond matters a lot. With halo engagement rings, on the other hand, your ring will often look much bigger than your actual price point. This is because unlike with solitaire settings, halo settings have tiny diamonds that surround the center stone. This gives your ring a little more "bling." If you like this particular setting style, this is a great way to get an impressive ring for an affordable price.

Precious Metals for Engagement Rings

Different precious metals are used to make engagement rings. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are some of the most popular. Platinum is also common, as is sterling silver. Sterling silver is generally going to be your cheapest option. When it comes to gold engagement rings, the purity of the gold is what matters, in regards to pricing. 10K is a little more durable and not quite as shiny, and it's your cheapest gold option. On the other hand, you have 14K or 18K gold, which go up in price (and shine), respectively. Platinum is often a little more expensive than gold. We have engagement rings made from various precious metals and at various price points, so come see our selection. Also, remember that although the precious metal that your ring is made from does have an impact on pricing, the diamond itself is usually what makes up most of the price.

As you can see, there are a number of different things that impact the cost of an engagement ring. If you're ready to check out a lot of affordable options that allow you to buy a high-quality diamond ring for a fraction of the price, come visit our pawn and jewelry store. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we sell real diamonds for great prices. We have helped a lot of people from around Hampton Roads with finding their dream engagement ring or bridal set, and we're ready to help you, too! Visit our Chesapeake location, and our jewelry experts will help you each step of the way.

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