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How Long Does Jewelry Repair Take? | Chesapeake

Affordable jewelry repair near me allows you to get your jewelry fixed without spending a ton of money. What you could also be wondering, though, is just how long does jewelry repair take? When you use Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry as your local expert jewelers, we'll do everything we can to get your jewelry back to you quickly. We have years of experience in jewelry repair, as well as buying and selling jewelry. Bring us your damaged or old jewelry, and we'll make it look its!

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Greenbrier Pawn Offers Fast Jewelry Repair

The first thing that impacts how long jewelry repair takes is simply who you take it to. If you take your jewelry to certain jewelry stores, they will send your pieces off for jewelry cleaning and repair. Depending on how quickly they act and who they send your jewelry to, this can add to how long repairs take. Sometimes, even by a lot. If you're looking for a jewelry repair service that will get your repairs done quickly, one thing you should ask is if they perform the repairs in-house. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we won't send your jewelry elsewhere...we'll do it here. This allows us to get your custom pieces finished or your jewelry repair taken care of quickly, without the need for a middleman.

There are other reasons why we offer the best ways to have your jewelry repaired:

  • Work with the local jeweler you know you can trust! We have decades of experience!

  • Don't drive out of town or send your jewelry off for repair. Visit our convenient Chesapeake location!

  • Take advantage of many jewelry repair and refurbishment services. Ring sizing, shank repair, chain repair, fixing bent prongs, repairing a loose stone...we do a little bit of everything!

  • Enjoy our other services! Check out our selection of fine jewelry for half the price when you drop your jewelry off. Engagement rings, wedding rings, a nice pearl matter what you're hoping to add to your jewelry box, we think you'll find something you like here! Want to sell your eternity band or other jewelry? We'll help with all of that, too!

How Long Will Jewelry Repair Take?

Are you wondering just how long jewelry repair will take? As mentioned above, you can speed things up by bringing your jewelry to us for repair. Of course, there are other things that impact timing, too. The particular repair that your jewelry needs obviously impacts things a lot. If you have a broken chain that can be repaired with a bit of simple soldering, this usually won't take long at all. If you have an older ring that is showing lots of wear, and if you need to have multiple repairs done, this can take longer. If parts or gemstones need to be sourced before the repair can be done, this impacts the time of repair, too.

Don't worry...we know you're anxious to have your jewelry repaired, and we'll do what we can to get it done fast. When you come in to drop off your jewelry, we'll talk to you a little bit about when we expect to have the repair finished, and we'll give you a quote for the repair, too. Then, you'll know a little more about what to expect.

Have Fast and Affordable Jewelry Repair Done Today!

​Are you ready to get your favorite piece of jewelry back in great condition? There's no reason to wait. If it's your first time having professional jewelry repair done by us, we'll do everything we can to impress you with both the quality of our work and the speed with which we get it done. You shouldn't have to wait forever for ring resizing on your engagement ring or for a professional cleaning. Come see us...not only do we do jewelry repair quickly, but we do it for an affordable price, too! Plus, we think you'll be impressed by our great service and work on your jewelry piece!

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