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Greenbrier Pawn is More Than Just a Jewelry Buyer | Pawn & Jewelry Store

​You may know Greenbrier Pawn as a top jewelry buyer in Chesapeake, Virginia. We always offer great prices for gold jewelry and silver jewelry, and we might have paid you a more than fair price for some of your unwanted jewelry pieces in the past. It's true that we offer professional service and top dollar offers while making the entire process of selling jewelry easy, but we have so much more to offer than that. If you're looking to buy jewelry, get a loan on jewelry, or even have your favorite pieces cleaned or repaired, we want to help with that, too. We are so much more than just gold and diamond buyers...we're your local go-to jewelry store.

Greenbrier Pawn: Your Local Gold & Jewelry Buyer in Chesapeake

We buy antique jewelry, designer jewelry, and everything in-between for fair prices here, based on the true value of your piece. However, we also buy precious metals, too. If you have gold coins, silver coins, scrap gold, dental scrap, or other precious metals that you want to sell, bring them in. Not only are we an experienced jewelry buyer, but we are your local gold buyer as well. We make cash offers any time when we are open, so come get paid the best value for jewelry and precious metals today.

Assorted gold and silver jewelry

Buy Jewelry for a Great Price at Greenbrier Pawn

Are you interested in buying a few jewelry items for yourself or as a gift? Are you shocked by the higher prices that you've seen for even a modest piece of jewelry at a chain jewelry store? There's no reason to overpay for jewelry when you can get a good price right here. Whether you're looking for a simple white gold or platinum jewelry piece to add to your jewelry box, or if you'd like to start an entire collection of fine jewelry, we can help you save a lot of money. Plus, our staff offer personal service while you're shopping, so we can help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry, all based on your personal style, tastes, and budget.

Get a Loan on Gold & Diamond Jewelry Today

Most jewelry stores don't offer loans, but we aren't just the average jewelry store. Since we are a pawn shop, too, we are also able to offer pawn loans. Bringing in a valuable jewelry piece like a diamond ring, or a Rolex watch, is a good way to get a bigger loan. Our loans don't require credit checks or applications, and they're fast and easy. Use your jewelry to borrow money in a totally different way, and it'll become your new favorite way to take out a loan.

Fast & Affordable Jewelry Repair at Greenbrier Pawn

Do you have jewelry that needs to be repaired? There's a good chance you haven't even thought about visiting a pawn shop, but Greenbrier Pawn offers in-house jewelry repair. It's fast -- in many cases, we offer a one-day turnaround time. Plus, it's affordable, and we do it here instead of sending your precious pieces off to a service center. Let us help you restore your favorite piece of jewelry!

If you're looking for the best place in Chesapeake for basically anything jewelry-related, Greenbrier Pawn is the answer. We buy fine jewelry, sell fine jewelry, make loans on jewelry, and even repair jewelry. We have years of expertise as a full-service jewelry store and pawn shop, and we should be your go-to industry experts in Hampton Roads. There might be a lot of other fine jewelers out there, but if you're looking for the best way to get great deals while also enjoying excellent customer service, you have come to the right place!

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