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Gold Shops That Buy Gold: Who Buys Gold in Chesapeake?

Who buys gold near me in Chesapeake? Many people who ask this question are looking for a local gold shop. After all, as you might know, visiting one of these shops is a great way to get some quick cash. Of course, you're likely looking for a gold shop that is conveniently located so you can sell your gold jewelry & coin without making a long trip. You're likely looking for a place that will buy as much pure gold bullion and gold jewelry as you're interested in selling, all while offering high payout prices. We get it! Luckily, you don't have to keep looking for the best place to sell your gold for the best rates. Instead, get paid competitive prices by working with the local gold shop you can trust, Greenbrier Pawn.

Who Buys Gold in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads?

So, who buys gold in Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area? The answer is simple: Greenbrier Pawn. Buying your unwanted gold items from your jewelry box is what we do. You can get extra cash from working with us today. Skip the other area pawn shops and come sell your gold to us. You won't regret it!

If you're elsewhere in Hampton Roads, consider our Virginia Beach location, if it's more convenient. At Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we also pay the best prices for gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, whether you have a large collection or just one or two pieces that you're interested in selling.

Gold and silver for cash

Why Sell to a Pawn and Gold Shop Like Greenbrier Pawn?

So, why sell to us instead of our competition? There are many reasons:

  • We strive to pay the highest price for gold! Come see us to get paid more!

  • We offer cash loans on gold and other items of value. This allows you to get your gold back if you want, rather than selling it, but you still get instant cash with no credit check.

  • We buy gold in the form of coins, jewelry, bullion, scrap, and so much more. If it's made from gold, you'll get paid great gold prices!

  • We pay more than just the melt value for certain items, like gold estate jewelry that's in good shape. For example, an old gold diamond ring is going to fetch more here than at many gold stores!

  • We buy jewelry in all conditions! New pieces, old pieces that are doesn't matter. Get fast cash for these items today!

  • Do you prefer to support local businesses? We have been working as gold and jewelry buyers in Chesapeake since 1996! We are a family-owned business!

  • You can always count on us for fast cash transactions, with great customer service each step of the way! We are the superior pawn shop in the Chesapeake area!

Types of Gold Our Gold Shop Buys

​Gold, pawn, and jewelry stores like Greenbrier Pawn buy so many different types of gold and unwanted jewelry items. As your local gold buyer, these are just a few examples of the different things that we're more than happy to pay cash for!

  • White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold

  • Scrap gold

  • Dental gold

  • Gold coins

  • Fine jewelry

  • Gold bars

  • Gold rare coins

  • Gold dental implants

We are also silver buyers, so in addition to buying items with gold content, we pay top dollar for the following and more, too:

  • Silver jewelry

  • Silver bullion

  • Silver bars

  • Silver coins

Are you ready to get some express gold cash? You're part of the family here at Greenbrier Pawn. Bring your piece of jewelry, gold bullion bars, or any other gold that you're hoping to sell. We've been involved in the precious metals market since 1996, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! We offer a good way to sell your gold without dealing with the online gold buyers. Come see us today to get paid the most for your golden items, and experience our excellent customer service. Our past performance and reputation speak for themselves, and we always pay a fair price!

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