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Glenda Craddock Jewelry Buyer Chesapeake

If you're looking for estate jewelry buyers who will purchase your unwanted jewelry items, visit Glenda Craddock at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake today. At Greenbrier Pawn, we pay higher prices for pre-owned jewelry! We think you'll be impressed by the cash offers that we make on your unwanted pieces. We have many years of experience at our local pawn and jewelry store, which has been a fixture in the Hampton Roads community since 1996.

Glenda Craddock Jewelry Buyer

Does Glenda Craddock Buy Jewelry?

Greenbrier Pawn is known for offering top-notch personal service for all of our pawn and jewelry services. If it's jewelry buying that you're interested in, you probably know that you can always visit us to find a good price on a unique and special piece of jewelry, whether you're looking for bridal jewelry or the perfect gift for someone you love. You might have enjoyed our friendly service when taking out a pawn loan. However, you might have never realized that we also offer the best way to sell jewelry that you don't want anymore. As your local pawn shop, we're always willing to take your unwanted jewelry off your hands, and we'll pay you a higher price for it, too! You can sell all different types of jewelry at Greenbrier Pawn, including:

Antique jewelry ● Diamond ring ● Platinum jewelry Diamond engagement rings ● Rose gold jewelry ● Vintage jewelry ● White gold jewelry ● Luxury watches ● Fine watches ● Gold necklaces ● Tennis bracelets

As the best jewelry buyer, we're always on the lookout for pieces from top jewelry designers, including:

● ​Van Cleef & Arpels ● Tiffany & Co. ● David Webb ● Harry Winston David Yurman ● Patek Philippe

We also buy precious metals and other items of value for the highest price!

● Loose diamonds ● Gold coins ● Dental gold ● Rare coins ● Gold bars ● Scrap gold ● Gold bullion ● Silver coins ● Coin collections

​If you're ready to put some cash in your pocket while working with reputable buyers that you can count on, now's a great time to look through your jewelry box. We'll pay the most money for any jewelry that you have and no longer want!

We buy jewelry

Glenda Craddock Makes Selling Jewelry Easy

Not only are we the right place to get paid great prices for your unwanted piece of jewelry, but we actually make the process incredibly easy, too! We want you to have a great experience anytime that you sell jewelry to us! Because we have years of experience with performing free appraisals, we have the process down to a science. All you have to do is bring your valuable items to our Chesapeake location when you get a chance. We'll carefully handle each piece of important estate jewelry so we can make you the best offer. If you aren't interested in selling right now, it's no problem at all; you can take your jewelry with you, and you won't owe us a dime for looking at it. If you change your mind, you can always come back later to sell your jewelry. If you do accept our cash offer, the rest of the process takes no time at all. We'll pay you in cash for your preowned jewelry, take down some information from your driver's license or government-issued ID (make sure it's unexpired and valid, please!), and send you on your way. For anyone who is looking for an easy way to sell an old wedding ring, sterling silver jewelry, or other unwanted pieces, it really doesn't get any easier than working with us! We even offer the option to trade your unwanted jewelry for another piece! Ask us about getting in-store credit for one of the pieces from our extensive inventory of high-end jewelry.

How Much Will Glenda Craddock Pay for My Jewelry?

Part of offering you the quality service that we're committed to is paying you what you deserve for your jewelry! Fair pricing is always our priority. Naturally, we are able to pay higher rates for some pieces than others. After all, we have to consider the resale value of your piece. We look at a few different things to determine the current market value for your jewelry, and we go from there when making our offer.

● What brand is your jewelry? Pieces from popular designers are sometimes worth more. ● Is your jewelry in high demand? ● Is your piece antique or vintage? ● What precious metals are your jewelry made from? What is the purity of the gold? ● Does your jewelry feature diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other valuable stones? ● What is the size and quality of the gemstones? ● What is the overall condition of your jewelry? ● What are the current market conditions and current value of gold?

Sell Your Jewelry to Glenda Craddock in Chesapeake Today

There's no reason to wait to sell your fine jewelry. Visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop in Chesapeake; we're the best place to get paid the highest prices for diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and designer jewelry. We know and appreciate the true value of your pieces, and we'll give you an immediate payment in cash. You can also visit us if you're ready to buy or take out a loan on jewelry or other valuable items. Once you visit us once, you'll never want to go anywhere else to buy or sell jewelry.

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