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Cheap Jewelry Stores

Many jewelry stores seem to specialize in selling overly expensive jewelry that is simply outside of the average person's budget. The good news is that these aren't the only stores that sell great jewelry. The secret to buying high-quality diamond and gold jewelry without dropping a lot of cash is to shop at Greenbrier Pawn. We have everything from inexpensive engagement rings to necklaces, bracelets, luxury watches, and much more, all without the high price tag. Come check out our affordable jewelry today, and you'll never want to pay full price for jewelry ever again.


Buying a Cheap Engagement Ring

Every engagement ring budget varies. If money's tight but you're still ready to pop the question, you could be wondering if it's possible to buy a more affordable diamond ring without sacrificing quality. The answer is yes! At least, that's the case if you know where and how to shop. Buying a cheap engagement ring couldn't be easier when you shop at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, Virginia. For one thing, we offer a nice selection of affordable engagement rings. Whether you're shopping for vintage engagement rings or modern diamond engagement rings from today's most popular designers, we think you'll be highly satisfied with our inventory. You can look into halo settings with a center stone with a lower carat weight; this is a great way to get a dazzling ring on a budget, since halo settings tend to look bigger than they are. Simple, classic solitaire settings can be quite affordable, too, particularly if you choose a ring that has a cheaper diamond shape as the ring's center stone. After all, different shapes come at different price points; a princess cut diamond ring is very popular and feminine, but it's usually cheaper than a round-cut diamond, for example. We also offer alternative engagement rings that don't have natural diamonds at all. Regardless, you can still buy a ring with nice, high quality stones, such as blue sapphires. This is a great way to buy an affordable engagement ring that is a bit unique and different from a traditional diamond engagement ring. Even if you aren't on a really tight budget and have a little more to spend, Greenbrier Pawn is the right place to go. Why not get more for your money? We have popular styles and large diamond rings, so you can find a beautiful option and stretch your budget further by shopping with us.

Find an Affordable Wedding Ring

If you want to buy the perfect ring for the engagement and the perfect wedding band at one time, come in and look at a bridal set! If you've already popped the question and are now in the market for a wedding band for each of you, we can help with that, too. If you'd prefer a simple yellow gold or white gold band, you'll definitely find whatt you're looking for here. If you're interested in more flashy or unique designs, we can still help you find the perfect option. ​We don't just sell nice yet cheap engagement rings. You can avoid the high prices for your wedding bands by shopping here, too.


Shop for Cheap Luxury Watches, Necklaces, and More

Even though many people see us as one of the best jewelry stores for buying engagement rings and wedding rings, we have so much more to offer. You can buy all types of fine jewelry at competitive prices while shopping here. If you've been hoping to buy a Rolex or TAG Heuer watch but don't quite have the budget for one, visit us. Luxury watches are our specialty, and we sell them for a fraction of the cost of a brand new high-end watch. If you're looking for gift ideas for your mom or girlfriend, we're sure you'll find the best quality items at the best price. From the trendiest items to unique, one of a kind pieces, there's always something interesting in our jewelry cases. Plus, since our inventory changes from day to day, you never know what you'll find. At our pawn and jewelry mart, you can find the perfect gift for a loved one -- or for yourself! Lastly, don't forget that we offer other professional services, too. You can bring your damaged or vintage pieces here to make use of our professional jewelry repair services. We also offer ring re-sizing, professional jewelry cleaning, and more. We have years of experience in the pawn and jewelry industry, and jewelry is our specialty. Come make use of jewelry services, and we'll make your family heirlooms look like new again! Even if you're looking for high quality jewelry, there are a number of affordable options to choose from, no matter your price point. At Greenbrier Pawn, we specialize in selling great jewelry for an affordable price, whether you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or high-end watch. Plus, we offer the best customer service in the business! Stop by Greenbrier Pawn for in-person guidance from our jewelry experts, and we're sure you'll find something that you love in your price range. Our pawn and jewelry store is located right here in Chesapeake, so stop by anytime!

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