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Buy Your Engagement Ring From a Trusted Local Store | Greenbrier Pawn

If you want to buy an engagement ring soon, you could be wondering where to shop. You might have thought about buying online, but there are much better options than that. Instead of shopping with the online jewelry stores, visit a trusted local pawn and jewelry store here in Chesapeake -- Greenbrier Pawn. We would love to help you with finding and purchasing the perfect engagement ring or any other special occasion fine jewelry that you might be shopping for. We have been a fixture in the Hampton Roads area since 1996, and we're a local store that you can count on and trust when shopping for diamond engagement rings and more.

Buy an Engagement Ring Today at Greenbrier Pawn Shop

If you are interested in buying an engagement ring now so you can propose as soon as possible, Greenbrier Pawn Shop is the best place to shop! When you shop online, you have to wait for days for the online jeweler to process your order and ship the ring to you. There's also the possibility that the ring could get lost in the mail.

If you want to buy an engagement ring TODAY without worrying about shipping times or other issues, Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is here to help. Buying from a pawn and jewelry store is one of the great ways to buy an engagement ring. It's also a great way to buy designer watches, a men's wedding band, or other jewelry on the spot.

Yellow diamond engagement ring

Get Expert Assistance With Buying the Perfect Jewelry

When you shop online, you'll generally have to do most of the shopping for your diamond jewelry on your own. If you don't know much about diamond jewelry or just need a little help, you may find you're out of luck. At many jewelry stores, the staff aren't particularly interested in helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry, so you may not get much help with finding and buying the perfect ring to commemorate your love story. That's not the case at Greenbrier Pawn. Our staff are here to assist you with finding the perfect ring.

Save on Your Engagement Ring Purchase By Using a Local Pawn & Jewelry Store

Just because you're preparing for a special moment doesn't mean that you have to spend an outrageous amount of money. If you're purchasing an engagement ring, wedding bands, or other jewelry, you can save a lot of money by shopping at jewelry and pawn shops. In particular, visit the pawn store that specializes in jewelry -- Greenbrier Pawn Shop. We will help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring at a great price. There's no reason to settle for lab-grown diamond engagement rings, when you can get the perfect diamond ring for a fair price. Let us know the type of engagement ring you're looking for and the budget you're working with, and we'll help you find the engagement ring of her dreams!

Your Local Pawn & Jewelry Store Has the Best Engagement Rings

Whether you're looking for a trendy ring or a timeless design, we offer a variety of engagement ring settings and styles, so you can find the ring that is perfect for the love of your life. Come in and find a gorgeous ring today!

  • Custom engagement ring

  • Vintage engagement rings

  • 3 stone engagement rings

  • Engagement rings with colorful gemstones

  • Yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold engagement rings

  • Unique engagement ring

  • Wedding ring

Have a certain diamond shape in mind for the center stone, such as round diamonds or princess cut diamonds? Ensuring you end up with the perfect ring for your unique love story is the most important thing!

We want to help you every step of the way with finding and buying your dream engagement ring! If it's time to take the next step in your relationship, we are more than happy to help you with finding and buying the best diamonds. In addition to checking out our full-service location here in Chesapeake, you can also visit our Virginia Beach jewelry store and pawn shop, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We have a large selection and excellent customer service both here and our Virginia beach location and sister store.

Buy an Engagement Ring Today

Greenbrier Pawn


Diamond engagement ring

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