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Are Antique Engagement Rings Cheaper? | Chesapeake

If you're shopping for cheap engagement rings in Chesapeake, you could be wondering about the best way to save money. You might be wondering if antique rings and vintage rings are cheaper than the more modern styles. The good news is that you can actually save money on both newer and old rings by shopping at Greenbrier Pawn. Come visit our Chesapeake location, and let us show you some of the antique diamond engagement ring options that we offer. You're sure to be impressed by our selection, as well as our low prices!

Antique engagement rings

Can You Save Money By Buying an Antique Engagement Ring?

If you're thinking about buying an antique ring in an effort to save money, you should know this isn't really necessary. Sometimes antique engagement rings are cheaper than a more modern ring, but this simply isn't always the case. If it's a particularly rare piece that's in good condition, it may even cost more. Otherwise, things like the size and quality of the diamond in each ring will be more what affects the price, more so than whether it's an antique style or a modern ring.

Overall, one of the biggest things that will help you save money is by buying estate diamond jewelry. Many people assume "estate jewelry" is always old jewelry, but this is not the case. Technically, estate jewelry just means a piece has been owned by at least one person previously. Essentially, estate jewelry means used or pre-owned jewelry. Buying pre-owned is one of the best ways to get the most ring for your money. You'll get the same jewelry for half the price.

Why Buy an Antique Engagement Ring?

Some people prefer the look of antique engagement rings, from Victorian engagement rings to rings from the Edwardian era, Art Deco era, and so on. If you're someone who likes traditional, classic looks and styles, an antique ring might be right for you. There's also the fact that your ring is often more unique if you go with an antique or vintage ring. A new ring can be great, but if you buy a popular, trendy style, there's a good chance you'll run across other people who have the same diamond ring, or something very similar. There's less of a chance of this being the case if you buy an authentic antique engagement ring, so buying a unique vintage piece may be the ideal choice for you. Many also appreciate the quality of craftsmanship, intricate details, and so on with antique rings.

How to Buy an Antique Engagement Ring Cheap

If you've decided you want an antique ring, you might be curious about how to get started. After all, even though it's easy to find modern diamonds at a mall jewelry store, buying an antique ring is a little different.

First, you may want to do a little research about the different antique and vintage rings that are out there. Pieces from each different historical era has very different features and looks.

  • Georgian jewelry

  • Art Nouveau era jewelry

  • Art Deco diamond engagement ring

  • Victorian era ring

  • Retro era ring

In addition to learning about the different eras, you'll also want to consider your budget. Don't worry if you don't have a ton of money to spend on your antique jewelry; we offer Victorian jewelry and more for very reasonable prices. You don't have to worry about only having a limited selection to choose from because of your budget.

If you're wondering where to buy an antique engagement ring, come to our pawn shop and jewelry store, Greenbrier Pawn. The main difference between buying a vintage ring from us and the ring you'll buy for a mall jewelry store is the fact that our rings are authentic. In a mall jewelry store, you'll typically find a piece of jewelry that is inspired by older jewelry. However, these are typically new pieces. If you want the perfect vintage engagement ring that is authentic, the bottom line is that shopping with us just makes sense. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we sell good-quality pieces. Plus, you can save a ton of money on your vintage piece by shopping with us. In fact, whether you're looking to buy a vintage ring, antique ring, or modern ring, come see us for a great deal.

Antique and vintage engagement rings are often a wonderful choice, particularly if you prefer a more traditional style for your jewelry. Whether you're interested in Edwardian engagement rings, an Art Deco engagement ring, or an older ring from another time period, we want to help. You can find antique and vintage engagement rings for a great price here! Plus, we offer affordable wedding rings, too. Come see us at our Chesapeake location, and you won't be disappointed. Just let us know you're interested in seeing some of our vintage jewelry, and we'll show you your options!

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