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5 Reasons Pawn Loans are the Best Loans for Quick Cash | Greenbrier Pawn

Pawn loans are the best way to borrow money, at least for many people. There's no reason to break out a credit card or look into payday loans when there's a good chance a pawn transaction will work out much better for you. If you're looking for a pawn broker where you can take out a cash loan, you don't have to look any further than visiting Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake. We'll offer you a collateral loan on your item of value, without the ridiculous interest charges and fees that go along with some of the other loans.

1. Just About Anyone Can Get Pawn Loans at Greenbrier Pawn

You might struggle with finding a financial institution that you can borrow from when you need extra cash, particularly if you have bad credit. When you work with a pawn store to take out a loan that suits your financial needs, you don't have to worry about poor credit or anything on your credit report impacting you. We don't care about your employment history, income, bank account status, or really anything else when it comes to granting our loans, either. All we care about is that you are at least 18 years of age, that you have an ID, and that you bring in one or more valuable items to secure your loan. That's it! Visit us at your local store...we loan to just about anyone!

2. We Grant Pawn Loans 6 Days a Week in Chesapeake

​Many financial institutions are only open five days a week. On Saturdays, you might not be able to take out a loan. If you need money on the weekend, be aware that you don't have to wait. We offer our financial products six days a week, and we're open on Saturdays. Come see us during our convenient store hours for a short-term loan with fair and reasonable repayment terms.

$100 bills

3. No Credit Check and No Credit Impacts With Our Pawn Loans

If you need cash today but have poor credit, you might be worried that you will struggle with finding a lender that will work with you because of your credit history, even if you're only interested in small loan amounts. You could also be worried about what will happen if you don't repay your loan. As you probably already know, defaulting on a loan can have a serious, long-term negative impact on your credit.

Luckily, not only is there no credit check when you work with us, but there are no credit impacts whatsoever. This is even true if you don't repay your loan! Of course, since your loan is based on the value of the stuff that you bring us as collateral (such as gold jewelry, sporting goods, firearms, and so on), you will forfeit your item if you don't repay your loan. This is why it's usually a good idea to avoid bringing in items with sentimental value if you aren't totally sure you'll be able to repay your loan. However, you never have to worry about your credit being negatively affected in any way, nor do you have to worry about collection calls, letters in the mail, or other hassles.

4. Choose How Much You Want to Borrow With Pawn Loans

One really good thing about collateral-based loans is the fact that you actually get to choose how much you borrow. With the average personal loan, you can only be approved for loans of a certain amount, based on things like income and credit history. This isn't the case with all short-term loans, however, such as pawn transactions. Bring us a valuable item, and we'll give you a loan based on the appraised value of the item. You choose how much you want to borrow with collateral loans.

Bring us diamond jewelry or other valuable items, and we'll do a quick yet accurate item appraisal. You can basically borrow as much money as you want on your pre-owned items. To get the highest dollar amount for your loan, bring your more valuable items to our in-store experts. Bring us a more valuable piece of jewelry with a higher resale value, and you'll get a bigger loan, all without loan applications or your credit record affecting you.

5. Pawn Loans Are Practically Instant at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry

If you need money now, you might not have a lot of extra time for your loan application to be processed. If you're working with a short time period, the best collateral or other type of short-term loan for you is a pawn loan. It only takes minutes for us to make you a loan offer and write up a pawn ticket. You'll be in and out of our pawn and jewelry store with your pawn loan in mere minutes in many cases.

Pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry in Chesapeake can help you get the quick cash you need with a pawnshop loan. Getting a typical pawn loan is so much easier than you probably think. Whether you want to take out the average amount of a pawn shop loan -- $150 -- or if you want to borrow a lot more money, we'll help you borrow extra money the easy way. We have decades of experience in granting loans from $5 to $50,000!

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