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1011 Eden Way North, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Best Pawn Shop and Jewelry Store in Chesapeake


Pawn Shop | Jewelry Store | Gold Dealer | Diamond Dealer

            Need a pawn loan and want to know what pawn shops take? Our cash loans provide you with the money you need today with no credit check and no waiting. 

Maybe you’re looking for an engagement ring or are in need of jewelry repair. Well you’re at the right place Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry has a huge selection of stunning jewelry. In fact we are one of the largest jewelry stores in Hampton Roads with hundreds of pieces of fine jewelry in stock now. Find all this and more below.



Loans on Diamond and Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake 

            At Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry we are happy to lend cash on all Diamond and Gold Jewelry as well as Silver Jewelry. Our loan process is simple and straight forward. You bring your gold jewelry or jewelry of any type and we will start the loan process. We take nearly anything of value but gold and diamond jewelry and high quality watches like Rolex are the most common and popular. After you come in we will evaluate the item to determine its pre-owned resale value. Then we will make you an offer based on that assessment. If you accept the offer we will begin the paperwork which takes only a few minutes most of the time. You of course can decide if you want a loan or if you simply wish to sell the item, all up to you. Once the paperwork is complete you will receive cash for your loan disbursement. Your pawn ticket will outline all the relevant information about when and how much is due as well as a comprehensive listing of your collateral items. 

 Read more about loans here

            We specialize in loans on silver and gold jewelry. We are much more of a jewelry store than anything else. One visit and you’ll see why we are so popular not only as a pawn shop but a trusted jewelry store as well.


Why Buy your Engagement Ring from a Pawn Shop?

            We have some fine jewelry stores in Hampton Roads but none can do what Greenbrier Pawn can do. What I mean by that is we are the only game in town when it comes to Unique Engagement Rings. The reason I say this is quite simple. You see traditional jewelry stores buy jewelry and resale it the general public. They buy this jewelry from large manufacturers and wholesalers who happen to number in the few. There are about 6 large manufacturers in the US and they sell the vast majority of all the jewelry you see in traditional jewelry stores. As a result most stores sell items that look very similar. 

            When you come to Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry you’ll see items sold in jewelry stores but these stores are spread around the entire world. You see we buy all our jewelry from the same general public that shops at those stores. The exception is these items where purchased over a period of a few years ago to tens and hundreds of years ago and spread all around the country and world. 

            As a result of the time and places involved you can imagine the vast variations of style and period jewelry. So when you compare the inventory in our store with the inventory in our local jewelry stores we are the only choice for unique, vintage, or antique engagement rings. Stop in and see the difference today.

·  Antique Engagement Rings

·  Vintage Engagement Rings

·  Estate Rings and Jewelry

·  Victorian Era Wedding rings

·  Edwardian Era Jewelry

·  Art Deco Wedding Rings

·  Mine Cut Diamonds

·  Rose cut Diamonds


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No Credit Check Loans | Bad Credit Loans

            There are lots of loan options out there but only the pawn industry can truly say we don’t use, nor can we affect your credit. Payday loans often don’t check your credit but the dark side of them is they report to your credit agency if you for whatever reason are unable to repay your loan. This is where the pawn industry and your local pawnbroker are different than any other lending institution. When you come in to get a loan we only use the value of your collateral to make you an offer, not your credit. We will never pull your credit report. Additionally, if you decide not to return for your loan, no matter the reason, we will not report to anyone let alone the credit bureau. So even if you simply decide not to return it’s not a problem. We simply sell your collateral to recoup our loaned out funds. 

More about No Credit Check Loans Here


Sell your valuables

            If you have something to sell then Greenbrier Pawn Shop and Jewelry is the store to visit. Besides making cash loans on anything of value we also will buy anything of value. It would be impossible to list all we will buy. Yes, the most common items are gold and diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, silver and gold coins and so on but the reality is we buy anything of value. 


What We Take

            Asking what we take is a wide open question. The reality is we take anything of value. However, we do specialize in jewelry, so I guess it’s safe to start there. 

Loans on Gold Jewelry

            We take any item made of gold, platinum, or silver. We buy and lend cash on gold jewelry every day. Regardless of the condition we are happy to have a look and make you an offer. Remember many gold jewelry pieces are worth much more than just the gold weight. We also consider the gemstones and diamonds in the piece as well as the intrinsic value. For example, designer pieces known to the general public are worth more than a similar piece from a no-name manufacturer. 

Loans on Diamond Engagement Rings

            I think everyone knows we make loans on engagement rings. After-all, the diamond in an engagement ring carries considerably more value than just the gold of the ring. In fact, the majority of our big ticket loans are on engagement rings. The value of the loan is determined by the quality of the diamond and the size of the diamond. Much the same as the amount you pay for a ring we determine its value. Additionally, just like any jewelry there is more money lent on a designer piece, like Tiffany & Co. or any other designer. The basics are, large high quality diamonds warrant large dollar pawn loans. 

Loans on Rolex Watches

            Another item that returns a high dollar value pawn loan is high quality watches, and Rolex is the number one high end watch we see. Now we see other big name watches and are happy to extend loans on them, but Rolex is the most common watch we lend against. There are plenty of other watches we have lent more on than Rolex but those are rare. Here is a partial list of the models we lend on.

·    Rolex Submariner

·    Rolex GMT Master II

·    Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 

·    Rolex Sea-Dweller 

·    Rolex Explorer

·    Rolex Explorer II

·    Rolex Milgauss

·    Rolex Air-King

·    Rolex Yacht-Master

·    Rolex Yachtmaster II

·    Rolex Oyster Perpetual

·    Rolex Datejust

·    Rolex Day-Date 

·    Rolex Sky-Dweller

·    Rolex Cellini


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The Best Jewelry Repair in Chesapeake VA

            When it comes to jewelry repair Greenbrier Pawn is second to none. For 28 years as of the time of this writing we have been the only pawn shop in Chesapeake with an in house bench jeweler and goldsmith. For jewelry repair in Virginia Beach our sister store Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the only pawn shop there with a bench jeweler and goldsmith. 

How much does jewelry repair cost?

            As you can imagine the cost is based on the materials used and the amount of time it takes to perform the work. We can confidently say we are the fastest and cheapest around because the mall stores and the chain stores don’t actually do there own work. In fact they mail your jewelry to a central repair house to have the work done. You will often hear a minimum of three weeks to see your repair finished simply because of the mailing time. Not to mention you cannot speak to the person doing the actual work. Now this may not matter always but there are some repairs that are nuanced and a bit of explanation is needed. 

How fast can my jewelry repair be completed?

            As we just touched on we are one of the fastest jewelry repair facilities simply because we do all our work in-house. Our bench jeweler has two assistants and focuses on quality first. Why? Because if we don’t perform to your standard we have to face you, unlike the repair mills run by the chain stores. 

For more info on Jewelry Repairs in Chesapeake

Jewelry Repairs at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry

·    Ring Resizing

·    Chain Repair

·    Ring Soldering

·    Prong Re-tipping

·    Repair Bent Prongs

·    Stone Setting

·    Shank Repair

·    Bracelet Repair

·    Rhodium Plating

·    Diamond Replacement

·    Gem Stone Replacement

·    Professional Cleaning

·    All Other Jewelry Repair Needs



Layaway Program for Jewelry

            Our layaway program has been very popular for many years. It’s a very simple plan. We expect 30% down and give 90 days to pay the remaining balance. If more time is needed simple communication is all you have to do. As long as some sort of payment is being made we are happy to extend the payment period to 180 days. 



We Buy Gold

             When it comes to getting the most for your gold or other precious metals Greenbrier Pawn spends the time to calculate the most money for the customer. Afterall we are the largest player in the market so we don’t have to make every penny on every buy. We would prefer to build a lifelong customer out of every transaction.

How much will you get when you sell your gold jewelry

            How much you can get for your gold or silver jewelry depends on amny factors. If there are no stones involved then the calculation is simple. Its first based off of how much gold or silver is in the makeup of the jewelry. From there is the piece a designer piece of jewelry? Is it something special like and antique or maybe covered in scroll work? Then does it have diamonds or gems? So you see there are many factors that go into the final calculation of how much you get for your gold. The easy way is to stop in today and bring it to find out for sure. Here is a partial list of the items of gold we lend cash on or buy.

For more info on selling your gold

·    Jewelry items

·    Luxury watches

·    Class rings

·    Gold nuggets or bullion

·    Gold watches

·    Loose diamonds

·    Antique jewelry

·    Gold wedding bands

·    Platinum jewelry

·    Diamond engagement rings



Pawn Shop | Jewelry Store | Gold Dealer | Diamond Dealer


A quick Google search under any of these topics in our area will return a listing that contains Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We are and have been the largest in the area for many years. We achieved this by following one simple principle; treat the customer fairly. It’s what we do every day as the norm, it’s not a once in a while goal. If you want to:

  • Get a Pawn Shop Cash Loan

  • Buy an Engagement Ring

  • Sell Gold or Anything of Value

  • Find a Unique or Antique Piece of Jewelry

  • Do any other Buy, Sell Trade Business

Then Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is waiting to serve you today.

Sell Your Rolex Watch at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry


            You have a Rolex to sell but who buys them? Who in Chesapeake will treat you fair? What Pawn Shop can you trust to take good care of you? Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is a Glenda Craddock Pawn Shop and the name you can trust. For nearly 30 years we have been helping the people of Chesapeake and Hampton Roads. 


Selling Your Rolex Watch

            Selling a quality watch like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, is easy, safe and fast. Simply bring your watch in so we can assess the condition. In a short time we will price your luxury timepiece and discuss your options. You have another option instead of selling it…


Option to Selling Your Luxury Watch

            You have the option of getting a short term loan known as a Pawn Loan on your Rolex or other luxury watch. The loan will follow the same process of evaluating and valuing the watch. The difference with a pawn loan, is you can get your watch back. The choice is yours, we are happy to buy your watch or make you a loan. Just give us a call or stop in today to discuss your options.


A few of the Rolex Models we are happy to buy or lend against.

·    Rolex Daytona

·    Rolex Submariner

·    Rolex Air King

·    Rolex Oyster Perpetual

·    Rolex Sea-Dweller

·    Rolex Yacht Master

·    Rolex GMT Master II

·    Rolex Datejust

·    Rolex Day-Date (Presidential)

·    Rolex Milgauss

·    Rolex Explorer

The Greenbrier Pawn Story


Greenbrier Pawn Shop knows anyone can have a short-term cash flow issue and offering a solution is what we do. The loan or selling process is short, simple, private, and secure. Most loans take about five minutes to leave with the cash you need today.

For over 20 years Greenbrier Pawn Shop has been the high-end lender of choice in

Hampton Roads specializing in collateral loans against Gold and Platinum Jewelry, Diamond and gemstone jewelry, and high-end watches like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and Patik Phillip as well as any other high-quality electronics, instruments, or goods. Greenbrier Pawn also sells jewelry and watches at “half retail prices” to the public from our store located at 1011 Edenway N, Chesapeake VA 23320.

Gold Jewelry Set

Contact Us with Questions

Please don't hesitate to hit the call now button to ask any questions you might have. Our daughter Nina runs not only this store but all three and will gladly spend some time explaining how everything works. Call and ask for her right now.

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