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Skip Cash Advance Apps & Use Our Bad Credit Loans for Vacation Cash | Greenbrier Pawn

Bad credit loans can be incredibly useful when you're short on cash for an upcoming vacation. Maybe you're getting ready to get on a plane, and you've realized that you're a little short on spending money for your trip. Maybe you're even thinking about borrowing money so you can book a nice vacation for yourself and your family, but you're unsure of whether you'll get approved because of your credit history. We don't care if you have less-than-perfect credit here at Greenbrier Pawn. You deserve to treat yourself, and we offer simple types of loans that make it easy for you to borrow money for a vacation or anything else!

Why Use Our Bad Credit Loans vs. Cash Advance Apps?

You might have heard of cash advance apps, which are short-term loans that you can get through certain apps. Using one of these apps might seem like a good idea at first, especially if your financial health isn't the best and you have a low FICO credit score, which obviously limits your options when it comes to finding a financial institution that will loan to you or qualifying for various unsecured loans. Although some people do get a successful loan offer on these apps, just be aware -- it's not your only, or possible even your best, option.

We Offer Fast & Easy Approvals for Our Bad Credit Loans

One reason to borrow from us is the fact that we offer fast and easy approvals. Unlike many personal loan lenders, we don't look at things like your job or direct deposit history. The personal information we get from you is limited...we don't ask for your social security number...we just take down your name, date of birth, and basic information from your government-issued ID. The approval process for our best bad credit loans is very fast, and you'll have your cash in hand in no time! You don't even have to worry about missing your flight...we get these loans out as fast as possible.

​No Bank Account Needed for Our Bad Credit Loans

Many of the cash advance apps require you to have a bank account, whether a checking or savings account. They will often look at things like whether or not you receive regular direct deposits on payday, for example. If you do get approved, you may have to wait until the next business day to have the money deposited into your account.

There is no bank account needed for one of our loans. You also don't have to wait to get your funds...with our financial products, you'll have cash in-hand in minutes, even if you have poor credit history. When you need money for your vacation as fast as possible -- such as if you don't want to miss out on a good deal on airfare, or if you're leaving soon and need more spending money -- we can help you out right away.

Borrow Money on the Spot from a Trusted Local Business

Yes, there are some good online lenders out there. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between the top lenders and the scammers when you're only. The last thing you want to do is share your personal information with an emergency loan company that you think is reputable, all to find that they have stolen your information. 

Glenda Craddock

Our Pawn Shop Bad Credit Loans Can Be Used for Anything

People come to us to borrow money in lots of situations. Some people are in a financial situation where they want to try our loan options to borrow money for travel. Maybe you want to take a summer vacation, or maybe you need to visit family during the holidays. We offer the best option for borrowing money when you're in this type of situation, all without a loan application process being necessary. The loan proceeds are yours to spend on whatever you want...once you get a loan approval by bringing in your ID and items of value, and once you're handed the cash, the rest is up to you! It's one of the best ways to borrow money for pretty much anything, with a minimum loan amount of $5 on up to much bigger loans of up to $50,000...all with simple loan terms and without us ever checking your credit rating!

We don't have minimum credit score requirements, we don't care about lower credit scores, we don't ask for proof of income, we don't look at things like debt-to-income ratio, and we don't care if you have a bank account with one of the banks or credit unions, either. At Greenbrier Pawn, our eligibility requirements are quite minimal...we just make sure you're 18+, that you have a valid ID, and that you have collateral to secure your pawn loan. Are you ready to borrow money for vacation or anything else? Visit today, or give us a call at 757-382-9066. We're looking forward to working with you on our no credit check loans and more!

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