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Professional Jewelry Repair at Our Pawn Store

As a pawn store in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn is here to serve you. Not only do be offer a great way to take out a quick loan and an easy way to get the best deal on an engagement ring or other jewelry, but we also offer other services, such as jewelry repair! If you need to have professional jewelry repair done, visit our professional staff today. We're ready to help you get your jewelry back in good condition! Our pawn business does good work and offers amazing deals on jewelry repair.

Why Choose Greenbrier Pawn for Jewelry Repair?

You might know that we're the best place to shop for engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry for a great price. Are you wondering why you should bring your piece of jewelry to us for jewelry repair? Well, we are expert jewelers with years of experience with professional jewelry cleaning and repair. If you want to make sure jewelry repairs are done right, come to us. We feel confident you will be happy with the quality of our work.

We also offer one of the best ways to get repairs done quickly. Some jewelry stores send jewelry off-site to a repair center for repairs. You likely want to get your favorite piece of jewelry back as soon as possible, and we can help with that. All repairs are done on-site, and we do our best to offer a fast turnaround time for professional cleaning and repair.

Lastly, we offer affordable prices for ring sizing, rhodium plating, and various other services. If you're looking for a local business that offers great service for a price you can afford, come see us!

Diamond rings

What Types of Jewelry Repair Does Our Pawn Store Offer?

Are you wondering about the different types of jewelry repair you can have done here? As an expert jeweler, we offer the jewelry repair services that you need, including:

  • Custom pieces

  • Ring sizing

  • Shank repair

  • Repairing bent prongs

  • Rhodium plating

  • Stone replacement

  • Soldering

  • Stone setting

  • Chain repair

  • Clasp replacement

How Much Does Jewelry Repair Cost?

Our jewelry store offers affordable jewelry repair. Just how much the repair costs depends on the particular repair or refurbishment services that your jewelry piece needs. Things like chain repair, shank repair, or repairing a loose stone are available services that can usually be done for a reasonable price. If you need to replace a missing diamond, the cost will depend on the size and quality of the diamond that you buy to have set in your piece. Go through your jewelry box and pick out the items that need to be repaired, and bring them to us so we can take a look at them. We'll give you an estimate for the cost of repairing your old jewelry. We think you'll be impressed by the affordability of our jewelry repair service!

As one of the best pawn shops in the Hampton Roads area, we are here to help you with repairing your fine jewelry. If it's your first time visiting an elite pawn shop, you may want to know about some of our other services, too. You can get a great deal on pre-owned items like fine jewelry and luxury watches. We also pay top dollar for unwanted pre-owned jewelry, or you can take out a pawn loan if you need some short-term cash, all without a credit check. Come check out our inviting atmosphere, and experience our great customer service and friendly staff. There are a number of pawn shops out there, but we think you'll soon see why Greenbrier Pawn is considered by many to be one of the best!


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