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Pawn Loans Are Perfect for the Holiday Season

Pawn loans from pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn are useful all year long. Many people prefer to use a pawn loan over a credit card or one of the payday loans out there, for example. In particular, you may find that a pawnshop loan is a very useful pawn transaction during the holiday season. After all, even though the holidays can be exciting and fun, all of the festivities can be quite costly, too. You shouldn't have to worry about a low bank account balance preventing you from enjoying the holiday season. Instead, consider gathering a few valuable items and visiting us for a pawn loan. It's a great way to get extra cash for the holiday season, and bad credit is never an issue!

Get Pawn Loans at Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry Today

Have you thought about visiting a bank, credit union, or other financial institution to take out a loan that suits your financial needs this holiday season? You don't have to! Visit us at your local store instead! Our financial products are very simple to understand, unlike some bank loans. You can find all of the information about your loan on the pawn ticket that we'll give you. Also, if you have questions about how a personal loan from us works, just ask!

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What to Use as Collateral for Pawn Loans?

Because of the very nature of pawn loans, bringing in high-value items for your cash loan makes sense if you're hoping to take out a bigger loan. After all, with a collateral loan, the amount you can borrow depends on the value of the items you bring in. If you're curious about the different items you can use for a collateral loan from us, these are a few ideas:

  • Firearms

  • Gold jewelry

  • Power tools

  • Musical instruments

  • Video games and consoles

  • Laptops

  • Sporting goods

....these are just a few examples of items you can use to take out a typical pawn loan! Bring your items in, and we'll determine the value of the stuff you bring in. Then, we'll grant you an average pawn shop loan based on that determination. Bring one or more items of value for one of our collateral-based loans, and we'll help you with some much-needed holiday cash today!

A Holiday Loan from Your Local Pawn Store is Easy

Taking out a short-term loan from a pawn store is very easy. You don't have to worry about a credit check, since your credit score does not matter at all. We work with people with poor credit all the time! You don't have to fill out an application. We don't ask about your income or employment history. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to take out one of our loans, whether you're interested in small loan amounts or a bigger loan. We have decades of experience helping locals with pawn loans, and we'd love to help you with taking out a loan for the holidays, too!

Do you need some quick cash to get you through the holiday season? There's no reason to deal with the banks or credit unions....your local pawn broker can help you instead. Just bring an item of value or more to Greenbrier Pawn, and we'll assist you with a loan that will help you through the holidays. Our interest charges are fair and reasonable, and our loans range from $5 to $50,000. If you have questions about how our pawn loans work, just give us a call at 757-382-9066.

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